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  • Date: March 31, 2021

We heard you!  Some providers have gone to a Power only solution due to more and more subscribers wanting Internet only.  At first this seems like a money saving idea!  Until the customer complaints come in after being kicked off their video calls due to a reboot.  Residential power can flicker at times and this is not good for video calls or even the electronics.  It creates TAC calls and wasted time, plus often upset customers.

To help bridge the gap, we added the PP30ML and PP36ML to our line of Micro Mini UPS solutions.  These units have a lower cost than the bigger, more flexible solutions, but give battery for the short power losses and allow your ONT and WiFi (With use of our Y Cable) to stay up and connected.

Say goodbye to the unneeded TAC calls due to reboots and enjoy having customers who tell all their friends about the reliability of your network!

Better Connection. Better Experience.

Problem Solved!

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