We are Excited to Announce the Addition of Grady Neely as Sales Engineer at Precision Group

Grady brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our sales team, with a cumulative 20+ years serving the Broadband Industry as an engineer for Adtran, BellSouth, Motorola and others.

With this technical experience and background, Grady will support both the Precision Power and Precision Fiber line of products and offer the continued assurance that Precision Group’s support always follows our solutions.

A very warm welcome to the Precision Group Family, Grady Neely!

Learn more about Grady in this employee Q@A Spotlight:

Grady Neely Engineer Precision Group

Connect with Grady Neely:

What do you love about the Broadband industry?

The broadband industry is constantly changing, so almost every day can be a new challenge.  I also am especially fond of how it can change lives by bringing access to people, allowing them new opportunities that maybe would not have been available to them in the past.

How has the industry evolved over your career, looking back what is most surprising?

Even as someone in the industry for 22 years, I am still surprised at how quickly things can change.  When I started out of college, we were just then advancing beyond 64kbps as a standard to meet and TDM circuits like T1, DS3s, and SONET were the hot ticket.  While those TDM speeds were mainly in the megabit realm, now we routinely deal in the gigabit realm, a 1000-fold increase in speeds in 20+ years.

What predictions can you make about where the industry is going?

Well, my crystal ball is broken… but, I think we can bank on speed continuing to increase, more reliance on home interconnectivity for office and other types of career work (Youtube!), and an increase in Telemedicine usage and utility.

What does your favorite Saturday look like?

I love spending time with my family. In the fall we love having friends and family over for a football game.  In the spring and summer we hang out around the pool.

What hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

My hobbies include reading everything that I can get my hands on, especially history, economics and finance.  I am a tinkerer at heart and love writing little programs and designing systems to automate things around our home, usually to my wife’s amusement.

Tell us something about yourself people may not know?

I completed the US Army Military Police School while in the US Army Reserve.

What was your 10 year-old-self’s dream job?

I wanted to be like Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer and fly fighter planes.

What is the best part of being an engineer?

I love solving problems.  At its core, thats what I think engineering is, maybe you need to cross a river, or design electronics to fly an aircraft, or combine elements in a new way to create materials never seen before, all of these are in response to the question, ”how do we solve this problem?”

Do you have a motto or personal mantra?

Never give up….  I won’t always get it right, but I will always try.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

TBD, or “I Hope I Stick The Landing…”


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