Precision Group PDU

Precision Group offers a wide assortment of Power Supply solutions from basic Power Strips, 48VDC Power, replacement 12V Wall Warts that fit most electronics, and FTTx ONT Power/Surge. Don’t see what you need, give us the specs and we will help find a solution.

  • The Precision Group Power Distribution Unit (PDU) family of rack power distribution units, combine the key functions a data center manager needs to manage each equipment cabinet rack or wiring closet, reduce downtime and improve data center power management. PDU products include Basic Power, Surge Power, Metered Power, and Value Power in both vertical and horizontal configurations. PDU complement your Precision Group Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or third-party UPS, by adding up to 24 receptacles in racks or anywhere reliable power must be distributed to multiple pieces of equipment.
  • A Better PDU from the Inside Out. Precision Group offers advantages not found on other Rack PDUs. For over 8000 BUILD Model possibilities - contact your Precision Group reseller.


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