Li-36 Micro UPS, 12V 36W, Indoor

Designed to protect and power Telecom premise equipment, the Precision Power Li-36 Micro UPS, 12V 36W, Indoor (PP36L) offers uninterrupted DC power and increased surge protection with scalable battery technology to offer 8-24+ hours of on demand battery backup. Simplify the install, with a versatile design to accommodate wall mount or desktop applications and complement any residential deployment.


  • Small Design for inventory, truck, and customer premise space savings
  • Battery Design Life 10-15 Years
  • Audible and Visual Alarming with ability to silence
  • 6″ x 3.5″ x 1.22″
  • Weight 1.76 lbs with Battery Pack
  • Telemetry Alarming
  • Li Ion Battery
  • Lightning Surge protection IEC 61000-4-5 2005 Level D
  • 12V, 36W

UPS Side of Cable

Cable Configuration Guide

Check out our Cable Configuration Guide or download the Cable Configuration Guide PDF

Ordering Guide

Micro UPS 12v 36W with 1 battery

Micro UPS Battery Pack Only

Micro UPS Power Supply Only

Micro UPS 12V 36W KIT, (3) Battery Modules, Dual Position Wall Mountable Back Plate


Operating Temperature -10°C – +49°C (14°F – 120.2°F) @ full power

Storage Temperature -30°C – 65°C (-22°F – 149°F)


PP36L Product sheet PDF

PP36L User Manual

PP36L-12K-3 User Manual