LGX Value Panel

The Precision Fiber LGX Value Panel is a basic termination panel for when you need to keep it simple and do it quick.  This line of competitively priced rack mount and wall mount panels is appropriate in the central office, the outside plant cabinet or the customer prem for your low density termination needs.


  • 16 Gauge steel with black powder coat finish
  • Up to 72 fibers SC or 144 fibers LC
  • Sliding Patch Panel, 19” Standard
  • 4 Entry Grommets
  • Light Weight
  • Splice Tray Included

Ordering Guide


PFLGX-Panel-24F-SCA-1RU (Patch and Splice)
PFLGX-Panel-48F-SCA-2RU (Patch and Splice)
PFLGX-Panel-72F-SCA-3RU (Patch and Splice)
PFLGX-Panel-48F-LCA-1RU (Patch and Splice)
PFLGX-Panel-96F-LCA-2RU (Patch and Splice)
PFLGX-Panel-144F-LCA-3RU (Patch and Splice)
PFLGX-Panel-24F-SCU-1RU (Patch and Splice)
PFLGX-Panel-48F-SCU-2RU (Patch and Splice)
PFLGX-Panel-72F-SCU-3RU (Patch and Splice)
PFLGX-Panel-48F-LCU-1RU (Patch and Splice)
PFLGX-Panel-96F-LCU-2RU (Patch and Splice)
PFLGX-Panel-144F-LCU-3RU (Patch and Splice)

** Add -100F for 100ft I/O stub


PFLGX-PANEL Product sheet PDF