Lithium UPS

Slim and light weight J60 Lithium UPS provides power outage protection for your critical electronics

PPJ60 Lithium UPS provides the benefits of lithium battery technology in a slim form factor UPS. PPJ60 is ideal for providing continuous power where a conventional UPS will not fit.

Lithium battery technology allows J60 to operate continuously at up to 40oC (104oF) without reduction in battery life.

PPJ60’s compact design is excellent for providing protection to automation systems, video walls, PoE Switches, programmable logic controller (PLC), kiosks, industrial computers, and point-of-sale (POS) equipment.

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  • Long Life Battery LiFePO4 batteries provide protection for up to 8-10 years or 2000 discharges
  • Web/SNMP Card optional external card provides monitoring of critical UPS parameters, alarms and status (600VA only)
  • Output Power Control optional Web/SNMP card provides remote on/off control of J60 output power to reboot loads (600VA only)
  • Environmental Monitoring optional Environmental Monitoring Device provides temperature and humidity monitoring (600VA with Web/SNMP only)
  • Highest Efficiency J60 operates at up to 98% efficiency saving utility costs and reducing heat output
  • Auto restart after full battery discharge, the J60 automatically restarts when utility power returns
  • Redundant BMS 600VA models includes dual redundant Battery Management Systems insuring cell voltage balancing, current sharing, and protection from over-charge/discharge. 350VA models include single BMS
  • Mounting brackets allows J60 to mount on walls, under counters, or inside enclosures
  • Power outage protection from 6 minutes to hours
  • 5 years electronics, 5 years battery warranty (USA and Canada)
  • UL, CE, RoHS, TAA compliant

Ordering Guide

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PPJ60 Product sheet PDF