Bryan Hughes, Vice President, Sales

As vice president of sales at Precision Group, Bryan Hughes leverages decades of experience in Broadband distribution to develop people and partnerships that drive Precision Group solutions to market.

Bryan empowers, educates, and sells from the lens of his previous roles in installation, warehouse, customer service, sales, and management. 

Known as the “builder of teams” and recipient of Graybar’s prestigious Elisha Gray Award, Bryan is recognized in the industry as a leader who extraordinarily continues to shape comm/data business and its selling channels.

His passion to motivate and deliver solutions with no excuses, coupled with his competitive spirit and desire to win for the greater good, makes Bryan Hughes the guy you want on your team.

Bryan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from The University of Minnesota.

Bryan Hughes Precision Group
Bryan HughesVice President, Sales, Precision Group
(612) 963-0693

Learn more about Bryan in this employee Q@A Spotlight:

What do you love about the Broadband industry?

Most importantly I love the customer base. I have spent my career in rural America and they are genuine people I truly enjoy.
I also appreciate how quickly the industry changes and that we get a bird’s eye view of what the rest of the country will be using in the future.

How has the industry evolved over your career, looking back what is most surprising?

I remember Party Lines and using Pair Gain electronics to help people get their own phone lines. The introduction of the Internet was crazy. Going from dial up, to DSL to Fiber has been a fun ride.

What does your favorite Saturday look like?

Sit on the deck and watch the sun come up, go workout and then go have fun spending as much time outside as possible.

What hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

Golfing, boating, working out and just listening to live music over dinner with my wife.

Tell us something about yourself people may not know?

I won a writing contest as a kid. I sent in a letter about my mom to the Minneapolis newspaper about Mother Day and won the contest. Some say I missed my calling as a Hallmark card writer.

What was your 10 year-old-self’s dream job?

Originally to play football until I realized height was not to my advantage! Then Police Officer or Fire Fighter. Many in my family were in service roles and I wanted to follow in their footsteps.

Why are you excited about working at Precision Group?

When I was at Graybar I liked the Precision line of products and more importantly the service they gave. The addition of the Precision Fiber line makes it even more interesting. I am excited to be a part of the emerging company and help take it to new levels. I know the holes in the market based on my past and we are out to fill those holes with great solutions, great service and do it all while having fun. And when I look at the people I am surrounded by, I just get excited about the outcome.

Do you have a motto or personal mantra?

Taken from a friend, “I jump higher and faster!” So when you say jump, I am your guy.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

King of the Hill. Loved that game as a kid, aim for it in many parts of my daily routines and probably over used it as a leader. It is hard to get to the top but worth the fight. Once you get there, it is even harder to stay, so don’t stop being creative and innovative.


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