Drew Hardin, President

Drew Hardin is the Founder and President of Precision Group, LLC, a manufacturer of Power and Fiber product solutions designed to strengthen future networks and simplify the end-user experience.

Originally from Texas, Hardin attended the University of Tennessee and began his career in broadband as a Project Manager and Installer in the Memphis, TN area. He later served as the FTTx Outside Plant Manager at the Clarksville, TN electrical utility, where he played a pivotal role in the development of their fiber network. These experiences provided him with firsthand insight into the disparities between available product solutions and the actual needs of installers.

Reflecting on his journey, Hardin recalls, “The idea for Precision Group started from my days in operations. I was truly frustrated with the support we received as a service provider in the industry and noticed the lack of solutions available to address our specific deployment challenges as installers.”

Known for his ability to cultivate relationships and advocate for installers, Drew has designed over 50 innovative Power and Fiber products, always with the installer’s perspective in mind. He continues to prioritize customer and end-user feedback as a way to listen to the demands of the market, exemplifying Precision Group’s commitment to designing solutions by installers, for installers.

Drew Hardin President Precision Group
Drew HardinPresident, Precision Group
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Sometimes you need someone who is close to you, to demonstrate products and walk through solutions on site. Precision Group has a team of local reps throughout the U.S. to help you solve problems. Contact Bryan Hughes to get connected to your local rep.

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We are a service-focused team of broadband experts motivated to design differently. Precision Group’s innovative product solutions are built to strengthen future networks and simplify end-user experience.

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