Flex Optical Coexistence Modules

Precision Fiber coexistence modules support your migration to next-generation PON services while controlling costs. Additional wavelengths enable existing PON services to coexist with XGS-PON.

Premium optical components and high-quality connectivity ensure superior performance, the lowest loss, and robust network reliability.

Upgrading your existing passive optical network (PON) enables increased data speed and the delivery of additional services without fully replacing existing PON infrastructure.

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  • Environmental & Mechanical Stability
  • High Isolation
  • Low Insertion Loss & PDL
  • Premium Grade Components & Connectivity
  • Enables Lowest TCO
  • Single Circuit Front Access Color Coded For Easy Circuit Identification

Ordering Guide

4 Port SCAPC Coexistence Cassette
Precision Fiber Optical Module 4 port XGSPON-GPON WDM , RED XGS-PON and Green G-PON SCAPC Input Simplex Connectors, Simplex Input Adapter, SCAPC Black Duplex Output Connectors

8 Port LCAPC Coexistence Cassette
Precision Fiber Optical Module 8 port XGSPON-GPON WDM , RED XGS-PON and Green G-PON LCAPC Input Connectors, Duplex Input Adapter, LCAPC QUADPLEX Black Output Connectors

Rack Mount Panel 1 RU Empty
Empty Optical Module 19 inch Panel, 1 Rack Unit, Front Panel Mounting Direction, Back Bottom Right Tail Entry Location, No cable

Empty 23 inch Panel 5 RU

Empty 19 inches Panel, 2RU


See page 2 of PF-OM-W Product sheet PDF

Coexistance Module Specifications

Coexistence Module 8 GPON + 8XGSPON

*** Other Coexistence Configurations are Available upon Request

NG-PON2, RF video, optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) monitoring, as well as other current and future technologies. The GPON port passband, 1290-1500nm, allows for future 25G/50G services.

Coexistance Module Configurations


Flex Optical Coexistence Modules Product Sheet PDF