FTTx ONT PS, 12V 36W, Outdoor

Specifically designed to provide reliable and protected power to your ONT, the PP36PB12EX is the perfect complement to your FTTx deployment. Deploy anywhere at the home, the PP36PB12EX is a fully hardened solution for indoor or outdoor installation up to 100′ from the ONT. Focused on combatting the elements that effect the in-home network, the PP36PB12EX offers a fully protected solution with AC and DC surge protection. Also, optional add-on indoor-outdoor battery backup made simple by utilizing existing wiring to simplify an on-demand upgrade to battery backup as needed.

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  • Environmentally Hardened and Outdoor Rated for use with all SFU Optical Network Terminals (ONT)
  • 12Vdc 36W Output with 3-pin field terminated connector
  • Install up to 100ft from the ONT
  • 12KVA Vac surge protection as well as Vdc surge protection to protect against all paths of influence from the home network
  • Built in Battery Charger allows for simplified upgrade to indoor-outdoor “add-on” battery backup on-demand
  • Designed by Telecom Experts specifically to support reliable FTTx Power
  • Integrated slack management for storing access AC or DC cabling
  • Low Cost Design to cut install cost and long-term maintenance where Power Only is your primary deployment

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12Vdc 36W ONT PS, Outdoor


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