Bulk Telemetry Cable

Precision Power 2C, 3C and 7C Power and Battery Alarm Bulk Cable is designed to provide reliable connectivity between Precision FTTx UPS or FTTx Power Products and the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). This UV and UL approved Indoor/Outdoor cable works with all of our Precision Power products, along with other competitor brands. It is also a direct replacement for the Calix Type II Telemetry Cable.


  • Available in 500ft and 1,000ft
  • 16AWG/2C, 24AWG/5C
  • Compatible with all Residential ONTs up to 100′
  • UL Approved
  • UV Rated Indoor/Outdoor Cable
  • Custom Lengths Available Upon Request
  • Direct Replacement to Calix Type II Bulk Cable
  • Insulation Color 16AWG (RED/BLACK), 24AWG (GRN/BLU/SLT/BRN/OR)

UPS Side of Cable

Cable Configuration Guide

Check out our Cable Configuration Guide or download the Cable Configuration Guide PDF

Ordering Guide

7C Telemetry Cable, 2/16AWG + 5/24AWG, 1000ft

7C Telemetry Cable, 2/16AWG + 5/24AWG, 500ft

2C Telemetry Cable, 2/16AWG, 1000ft

3C Telemetry Cable, 3/16AWG, 1000ft


UL 2464 Type CMG
UL 1061 SR-PVC



PRxCT Product sheet PDF