Designed by installers for installers, the M-FLEX NID’s sleek design couples function and size to offer the total Premise Solution. It’s universal design provides customized options for Aerial or Underground installs, as well as a compact, low cost option for an Aerial Repair Kit for up to 12 fibers. Whether installing round drop, flat drop or I/O fiber, the M-FLEX NID’s unique set of flex-lock split and conduit grommets offer total security and sealant from the outside world. External Locate Lug, strength member securement, dual channel separation for buffer tube and I/O fiber, store over 50 feet of 3.0mm I/O, patch and splice up to 4 fibers, and all in a compact solution…the M-FLEX has you covered!

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  • Precision Flex Clips offer channel separation of buffer tube and I/O fiber
  • Store over 50 feet of 3.0mm I/O fiber
  • 2-hole lug for strength member securement and bonding
  • Patch and Splice up to 4 fibers
  • Drop repair “splice only” up to 12 fibers
  • Flex-Lock split grommets for Flat and Round Fiber
  • Flex-Lock split grommet in and out set up for midsheath splicing
  • Precision external Locate Lug for easy tracer securement allowing efficient “clip on” locating without entering the NID
  • Locking Lid keeps cover open and in place while working inside the NID
  • Customized Logo free of charge with MOQ = 500+

Ordering Guide

Precision Fiber SFU NID, (2) SC/APC Adapters, (2) Flatdrop Split Grommet,(1) I/O Split Grommet, No Pigtail

Precision Fiber SFU NID, (2) SC/APC Adapters, (2) Flatdrop Split Grommet, (1) I/O Split Grommet, (2) 900um pigtails, 1M


M-FLEXNID Product sheet PDF