Micro-Mini UPS, 12V 36W, Desktop

Protect the user against power surges, brownouts or complete loss of power for up to 8 hours with the world’s smallest Telecom Desktop Micro-Mini UPS. A perfect complement to all indoor premise equipment with integrated USB fast charging port.

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  • Smallest Desktop form factor in the market
  • 12V, 36W
  • 12KVA Surge Protection
  • Full Suite of Telemetry and Local Alarming
  • Integrated “BMS” (Battery Management Software)
  • Fast Charging USB Port

UPS Side of Cable

Cable Configuration Guide

Check out our Cable Configuration Guide or download the Cable Configuration Guide PDF

Ordering Guide

Micro-UPS, 12V 36W, Wall Outlet, Power Supply with battery Included

Wall Mount Bracket

Optional double-wide backplate

Optional triple-wide backplate


PP36ML Product sheet PDF