Standard Flex NID (FlexNID)

Feel comfortable with the NID you’re in! The FlexNID delivers with Industry leading installer efficiency, securement, and fiber management.

The FLEX NID product family offers flexibility and can be deployed for SFU, simplifying deployment and craft interaction. The Outdoor rated compact FTTx product provides easy craft-friendly installation for SFU Fiber Connectivity. In addition to great esthetics, the product can reduce deployment time reliably.

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  • Splice Tray Locks In Open Position For Installer Access
  • Field Selectable Bulkhead Positions
  • Channel Separation For Drop And I/O Fiber
  • Optional Laser Engraved Logo
  • Precision External Location Lug
  • Optional Flex-Lock Multiport Fiber And Microduct Grommets
  • Optional Riser Conduit Grommet
  • Multifunctional Ground And Strength Member Securement Lug
  • Flex-Lock Lay-In Cable Entry/Exit Grommets Secure And Seal Flat And Round Drop Cable

Ordering Guide

Patch and Splice NID with SCAPC Adapter

Patch and Splice NID with No splitter, SCAPC connector, 1 Simplex Adapter, No pigtail, 0 tails, NID With Conduit Grommet.

Patch ONLY NID with SCAPC Adapter

Precision FLEXNID Conduit (Riser) Grommet

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Compare Our NIDs
Compare Our NIDs Download

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Compare Our Grommets


Dimensions: 10.2″Hx10.6”Wx3”D

Finish: Light Gray


PFFLEX-NID Product sheet PDF