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Standard Flex NID (PFFLEX-NID)

The FLEX NID product family offers flexibility and can be deployed for SFU, simplifying deployment and craft interaction. The Outdoor rated compact FTTx product provides easy craft-friendly installation for SFU Fiber Connectivity. In addition to great esthetics, the product can reduce deployment time reliably.

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Flexible Lay Cable Entry System for Incoming and Outgoing Cable
Cable Medium Separation – the Dual Medium Radius Cable Management System Enables the Storage and Separation of the Outer Jacket in a Separate Channel.
Pivoting Splice Tray Can Hold up to 8 Splices.
Toolless Cable Clamp at Entry Port
Multifunction Ground and Strength Member Tie Bar
Pole or Wall Mount
Can Accept conduit or Microduct

Ordering Guide

Patch and Splice NID with SCAPC Adapter
Patch ONLY NID with SCAPC Adapter


Dimensions:10.2 H x 10.6” W x 3” D
Materials: UL and UL 94-5VA outdoor flame retardant PBT/PC blend thermoplastic
UL1863 Performance: Designed to meet GR-049-CORE, GR-2898- CORE & GR-3125-CORE. Adapter exceeds the requirements of GR-326-CORE.
Finish: Light Gray


PFFLEX-NID Product sheet PDF


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