Standard Flex NID

The FLEX NID product family offers flexibility and can be deployed for SFU, simplifying deployment and craft interaction. The Outdoor rated compact FTTx product provides easy craft-friendly installation for SFU Fiber Connectivity. In addition to great esthetics, the product can reduce deployment time reliably.


  • Flexible Lay Cable Entry System for Incoming and Outgoing Cable
  • Cable Medium Separation – the Dual Medium Radius Cable Management System Enables the Storage and Separation of the Outer Jacket in a Separate Channel.
  • Pivoting Splice Tray Can Hold up to 8 Splices.
  • Toolless Cable Clamp at Entry Port
  • Multifunction Ground and Strength Member Tie Bar
  • Pole or Wall Mount
  • Can Accept conduit or Microduct

Ordering Guide

Patch and Splice NID with SCAPC Adapter

Fiber Nid Patch and Splice with conduit Grommet (PF-NIDCGM), SCAPC adapter Cable Clamp Bar bonding hardware and Splice tray.

Patch and Splice NID with No splitter, SCAPC connector, 1 Simplex Adapter, No pigtail, 0 tails, NID With Conduit Grommet.

Patch ONLY NID with SCAPC Adapter

Precision FLEXNID Conduit (Riser) Grommet


Dimensions:10.2 H x 10.6” W x 3” D

Materials: UL and UL 94-5VA outdoor flame retardant PBT/PC blend thermoplastic

UL1863 Performance: Designed to meet GR-049-CORE, GR-2898- CORE & GR-3125-CORE. Adapter exceeds the requirements of GR-326-CORE.

Finish: Light Gray


PFFLEX-NID Product sheet PDF