Superior Flex Armored FTTX Premise Fiber (ONT Pigtails – Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Jumper)

Improving on Precision Group’s wildly popular Indoor/Outdoor jumper offerings, the Superior Flex Armored Jumper offers more durability and flexibility. Made with the same Corning® LBL Bend insensitive glass as our Superior Flex PR1 series, these jumpers take protection a notch further with an inner steel lining and a Kevlar® jacket inside the UV resistant outer layer.

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  • Corning ClearCurve®, LBL
  • Indoor/Outdoor UV Rated
  • Bend Insensitive and Staple Safe
  • 3mm or 4.8mm
  • Optional Field Installable Detached Connector Housing
  • Black or White Jacket Color
  • Riser Rated
  • Helical Steel Armor

Ordering Guide

See ordering guide on PRA1 Product sheet PDF

PRA1 Ordering Guide




Corning® ClearCurve® LBL Optical Fiber Specifications PDF


PRA1 Product sheet PDF