Precision Group Case Study: Ignite Broadband – Dickson, Tennessee

Crafting a Seamless, Scalable Fiber Network: Precision Group Products and Expertise at the Helm

Dedicated to bridging the digital divide and promoting connectivity in underserved communities, Precision Group stands at the forefront of telecommunications technology. Precision Group specializes in manufacturing cutting-edge power and fiber products and engineering broadband solutions that address evolving network demands. Recognizing the role that reliable and high-speed internet plays in the future of rural communities, Precision Group is committed to providing quality products and solutions.

Dickson Tennessee Neighborhood

The digital divide in rural communities is a major challenge, preventing access to essential services. Many of these areas lack reliable internet access, limiting opportunities for remote work, hindering telemedicine, and discouraging new businesses from putting down roots in these small towns.

“Small cities are dying because people are moving out. These cities need to bring residents and businesses back in. If I’m a rural community, I want to have the best internet possible to attract residents and companies to start up or open up an office in my small town.” Said Bryan Hughes, Vice President of Sales at Precision Group.

The consequences are significant, leading to a migration of residents away from these communities in search of better opportunities. By addressing the connectivity gap, Precision Group aims to contribute to the sustainability of small-town communities.

About Ignite Broadband

Ignite Broadband traces its roots back to Dickson Electric. Originally established in 1905, Dickson Electric was among the first utilities in the valley to be incorporated into the Tennessee Valley Authority. Starting as a municipal electric power provider exclusively, Dickson Electric gradually expanded its territory to include parts of more than five counties in middle Tennessee, focusing on serving rural areas and communities that were historically underserved.

The strategic shift occurred in 2020 when the utility recognized the pressing need for retail broadband services like fiber internet.

“It was something that prior to 2020 we were aware of,” said Elizabeth Khuns, Business Develop Manager for Ignite Broadband. “But of course the COVID 19 pandemic only highlighted that need. So it was at that time that the Power Board made the decision to start to embark on providing retail broadband services to our customers. And since that time, the Ignite Broadband team has grown. Along with the Dickson Electric System team, we have worked hard to build out our fiber network to provide retail broadband services to our customers and communities.”

Ensuring the scalability of the fiber network for years to come was a crucial consideration for Ignite Broadband

“We wanted to make sure that we were building a product that was not only going to serve our community, but last the test of time.” Adds Ignite Broadband’s Operations Manager, George Benjamin.

“In doing so, we had a lot of challenges in front of us. We’re a small team. We’re starting off from scratch. There’s a lot of selections and opportunities out there, but it was really trying to find the right team and the right partnerships, and we’re starting to build this project to really accomplish our dream of building a robust, scalable network here in Dickson and the surrounding communities.

“We recognized early on that Precision group was going to be one of the leaders within this project. Not only do they have a multitude of different offerings, but they have the experience and the professionalism to back it up.”

Dickson Racks Fiber Panels

Shaping Ignite Broadband’s Fiber Network

Ignite Broadband brought the Precision Group team on at the beginning, which allowed Precision Group to offer innovative ideas to the table, and shape Ignite Broadband’s fiber network to exactly what their community needed from the start.

“We talked with the consultants and the Dickson team and crafted a plan of products that fit their need in Central Office including: fiber panels, battery backups, and our splitter modules,” said Sean Whalen, Regional Account Manager for Precision Group. “From there, we dove in a little bit deeper, learned what they needed to do at the home, and that’s really where we started getting involved with the NIDs, wall plates and fiber jumpers.”

“The partnership with Precision Group has been incredibly diverse.” Says Benjamin. Besides the high-density patch panels and splitters, we also selected the 100 amp hour lithium-ion battery backup solution, which will ensure that in case of a power outage situation, we have our core equipment staying up and providing services to our customers.”

Downtown Dickson, Tennessee

Building Brand Awareness

Precision Group elevated Ignite Broadband’s presentation by incorporating custom laser-engraved branding. This not only fostered brand awareness but also enhanced the overall professional aesthetic of their products.

“In selecting our premise material, we wanted to make sure that the Ignite Broadband brand and our image and what we’re bringing to the community was represented”, Said Benjamin. “We selected custom-branded network interface devices for the outside of the house, as well as custom-engraved wall plates for the inside of the house.”

Better Connection. Better Experience. Problem Solved.

“Precision group really helped hold our hand and provide samples, lead times and the expertise on the product to ensure that we felt comfortable and were making the right choice,” added Benjamin. “All of this is cost effective and really helps us focus on what’s important, which is the customer experience.”

With all their product selections made and installation in process, Ignite is right on the doorstep of serving their first customers with their new fiber network.

Khuns concluded with, “Our goal at Ignite broadband, powered by Dickson Electric System, is to provide our customers with the internet that they need for the life that they deserve, regardless of where they live. We’re excited to bring everyone up to speed!”


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