We are Excited to Announce the Addition of Matt Kautter as Sales Engineer at Precision Group

Matt is a seasoned sales engineer with a decade of experience in the Telecommunications industry. His educational background includes a BA (Cum Laude) in Business Information Systems and an MA in Organizational Management. Matt is also a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society.

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Welcome Matt Precision Group

Connect with Matt Kautter:

What are you passionate about (job-related) and why?

The “always changing, yet always the same” paradoxical nature of the telecommunications industry.  In the 10 short years I have been in this industry I have watched so much change occur in terms of hardware, software, and even the products in the marketplace, yet copper is still copper, and fiber is still fiber.

How would your work peers, customers or others in the industry describe you? What are you known for?

Adaptability and Solution/Problem Solving.

What do you love about the Broadband industry?

Broadband has become the lifeline of our current times and being part of the industry that brings this to people is very fulfilling and rewarding.

How has the industry evolved over your career, looking back what is most surprising?

The most surprising thing over my relatively short career in the industry is just how dependent we have become on Broadband as a society.

What does your favorite Saturday look like?

A lazy day spent with my daughters.

What hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

PC Gaming, Books (preferably used and old), Cooking, and Family

Tell us something about yourself people may not know.

As someone raised in a Catholic household, I am somehow named after a saint from the Bible…an apostle even.  Strange times indeed.

What was your 10-year-old self’s dream job?

Professional Video Game Player, US Marine (did that one), or Marine Biologist

Why are you excited about working at Precision Group?

This is an adventure into a part of the industry I only had a cursory involvement with and the size and target market of Precision Group makes me feel that my work will have more impact than it may at a larger organization/target vertical.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

“This really should have been in an email.”

Do you have a motto or personal mantra?

“No matter what, they can’t take away my birthday.”


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