The unavoidable storm season is here!  Does your network have end-to-end standby power and surge protection?

Whether at the customer premise, your active PON cabinets, or central office, Precision Group can support your network with reliable power and protection when it matters most.

Precision’s Industry leading solutions are designed with 12KVA surge protection to protect your network equipment from brownouts and surges that can strike at any moment, as well as a scalable battery technology to provide 24+ hours of standby power after commercial power is lost.

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Micro UPS

Tired of your Customer Premise Equipment rebooting, locking up, or outright failing from power surges and brownouts?  Try partnering protection with reliable standby power with Precision Group’s full suite of Micro UPS solutions.  Whether your network demands extended standby power of 24+ hours or instantaneous protection against brownouts, or anything in between, we can help!  Check out our 24-hour Micro UPS Kit  or our compact “pluggable” Wall Outlet Micro-Mini UPS that offers up to 4 hours of battery backup.

FTTx Power

Add a layer of surge protection and combat the elements that effect the in-home network. Precision Group’s PB12 and PB12B lead the charge as the Industry’s most deployed solution for power only to outdoor ONT’s – offering a fully protected solution with AC and DC surge protection. Protect against all paths of influence from the home network with a wall outlet design for simplified installation and integrated reset button to easily walk your customer through resetting locked up ONT’s without rolling a truck.

LFP Rack Mount Batteries

For your cabinets, huts and central offices the EvoLution Series 100AH 48V battery system sets a new standard for reliability and delivers the most efficient and cleanest, long-life battery backup solution to (+-) 48Vc telecommunications systems with a design life of 2-3x longer than that of traditional sealed lead acid batteries.


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