Micro-Mini UPS Takes Precision Group’s Trusted Reliability & Protection to a New Size

As the Global Broadband experience evolves to deliver increased bandwidth, faster speeds and more reliable in-home networks, the technology packaged to support these services continues to get smaller.

With industry leaders launching the next generation of Micro ONTs the size of a deck of cards and supporting speeds up to 10G, shouldn’t reliable power and battery backup also evolve to compliment these solutions? It does now.

Truly designed for simplicity and to complement the new generation of ONT’s, our Micro-Mini Desktop UPS (PP36ML) fits in the palm of your hand and is flexible enough to sit on your workspace with 8+ hours of battery backup.

The 6X lighter and 6X smaller Micro-Mini UPS replaces bulky, legacy FTTH battery backups and compliments home networks without compromising reliability and protection.

No more cumbersome installations on the side of the house with a battery backup hidden in the garage or basement.

  • Delivers over 8 hours of battery back up to the Calix GigaPoint, Adtran TA401 Micro ONT & Adtran TA411 Micro ONT.
  • Compatible with nearly all residential ONT’s on the market today.
  • Easiest out of the box installation for desktop or wall mount install options.
  • Creates an optimal end-user experience with a full suite of local and remote alarming, state of charge (SOC) indicators, USB fast charge, AC and DC side surge protection.

Designed by installers, for installers.


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