The migration to indoor ONTs is here and while this deployment presents a lower cost of install and ownership, it can also create challenges for the Service Provider.  Namely, full access to their end-users.

Introducing the Precision Group FLEX Plate FTTx Enclosure!

Optimize your ONT’s service life in high turnover deployments without having to reclaim and reallocate this equipment.

Designed to support the Micro ONT deployment, the Precision Group FLEX Plate FTTx Enclosure can mount anywhere indoors and securely protect your Micro ONT while providing a total solution for fiber and wire management.

We’re listening and hear you!  Your customer moved away with your equipment, never to be returned or decided to self trouble shoot by pulling on unseating and reseating cables.

Micro ONT’s can also get “messy” if placed on a desk and impossible to wall mount with keyhole templates leading to unlevel mounting, or unnecessary holes.

We know reliable fiber networks depend on securely installed fiber solutions. We also know end users are curious and will continue to tamper with equipment in their home if given the opportunity. The Precision FLEX Plate addresses all of these concerns with a simple, organized and clean install.

  • Clean Installs

    Functionally and cosmetically the FLEX plate offers a solid base and clean “look” with options to wall mount or desk mount utilizing the jack transition box functionality. The FLEX Plate can secure excess slack of 3mm, 4.8mm, or 900um diameter fiber.  The FLEX Plate can be mounted on-wall or in-wall and has multiple entry points to accommodate most installation scenarios.

  • Tampor Resistant

    The FLEX Plate has secure covers that eliminate tampering with power, RJ45, or fiber connections, adding an extra dimension of reliability to your installs.

  • Flexible, Custom Design

    The FLEX Plate is custom designed for your ONT model to ensure proper air ventilation and fitment and supports multiple brands of ONT’s including Adtran, Calix, and Zone.


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