Challenged to grow your network with limited space and resources? Looking for a fiber patch panel that can easily change as your network expands?

Simplify cable management, get more capacity and scale as you grow with this cassette-based panel system developed by Precision Group.

We’re Not Afraid to Flex

The Precision Flex Panel is a premium fiber patch panel that combines industry-leading density with unmatched ease of use. Its “flex” is the ability to support splitters, coexistence, and/or basic fiber patching in one platform – flexibility that our competitors do not offer.

Need A Custom Fiber Patch Panel? We Got You

Choose from multiple configurations – optical, patch, patch and splice, several rack units count, multiple module and cable options. Contact us to build the right panel that fits your field scenario.

Created by Installers, for Installers

  • 19 or 23 inches

  • Internal slack storage

  • Front rear or rear frame mounting options

  • Front access intuitive cable routing with route diversity minimizes cable congestion

  • Single circuit front access with easy circuit identification while achieving ultra-high density

  • Adjustable field configurable clamp position allows for top, bottom, right, and left cable entry

  • Route separation for inputs / outputs provide easy circuit identification & minimal congestion

  • Can be stubbed in multiple clamping positions for multiple cable configurations

  • Can be stubbed or tie for interconnect applications

  • Easily make changes in the field as needed


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Sometimes you need someone who is close to you, to demonstrate products and walk through solutions on site. Precision Group has a team of local reps throughout the U.S. to help you solve problems. Contact Bryan Hughes to get connected to your local rep.

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