A Network Interface Device Line Created By Installers, For Installers

At Precision Group, we are committed to creating tools that help you do what you do, your way. That philosophy shows in our complete line of Network Interface Devices (NIDs). Large, small, single-family, or multi-dwelling unit, we have a NID that supports how you want to work.

Flexibility Reimagined – Precision Group NIDs

We created the NID line based on a lot of customer requests for us to develop NIDs. We thought this was strange at first because there were so many options for NIDs in the market already. So we purchased a bunch of NIDs and we threw them all on the table and sat down with customers to say “what do you like and what do you not like?” and we started our development of a product that really takes into consideration what’s been missing in the market up until now.

  • Better fiber management
  • Grommets that don’t let bugs get into the NID and build nests
  • Adapting the NID we started with new grounding options for the different parts of the country that require different grounding methods
  • Two channels of cable management: one for your drop cable and one for your inside outside cable to separate the mediums inside of the NID for easier repairs and installation processes

Who says bigger is better? Even our smallest NID often has better fiber management than other competing larger NIDs. And we continue to develop. We have multiple other sizes coming in the near future, and we look forward to solving some of the problems in the market today.


At Precision Group we pride ourselves on service. If you have any questions about how our solutions can help you, we want to hear from you.


Sometimes you need someone who is close to you, to demonstrate products and walk through solutions on site. Precision Group has a team of local reps throughout the U.S. to help you solve problems. Contact Bryan Hughes to get connected to your local rep.

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