Cut or damaged aerial drop fiber can create challenges. Not anymore!

Introducing the Precision Group Fiber Drop Repair Kit.  An easy-to-use solution with a hinged cover and only a can wrench needed to open/close. This allows you to work efficiently and safely on the splice.  It’s dual flat drop entry, dual strength member clamps, ample slack management, integrated splice tray and proven form factor are ideally suited to get your customers’ service restored fast!  Mount it on the pole, run in your new drop, splice, close it up and go!  Contact your favorite Precision Group distributor for details.

Fiber Drop Repair Kit Closed Front
Fiber Drop Repair Kit Side Opened

A fiber drop repair kit designed by installers for installers… problem solved.

  • Easily Repairs An Aerial Fiber Optic Cable Drop

  • Dual Strength Member Clamps/Ground Lugs To Hold Both Sides Of The Drop

  • Dual Flat Drop, Lay-in Split Grommet Entry

  • Integrated Splice Tray


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